Untitled 4 (inspired by “Choice” episode of Radiolab

This overwhelming

crush of choice

a condition of our modernity

helplessly polite

all things considered


paralytic motion

squalling in Newton’s cradle

energetic ripples

lap the corners of minds emptied

only to warehouse

We have ceased to be industrial

in favor of becoming industrious

measured output

through quantity controlled

tiny coat pocket flags reassuring us

we have been inspected


made certifiable

become ensnared in possibilities

that all smell

of lillies

destroyed by the tension of expectation

pubescent stirrings

remind us that chaos is temporary

bookstores and libraries

stiff spines

backs turned

cataloged mauseleums

each shelf holds a man I will not become

I am haunted by the renaissance man

he has time


he and his dead cat


hide under bridges

warm their hands over barrel fires

speak softly

their language prismatic

white noise

containing all sounds

bound by none of them

I chose specifically to become a generalist

lead a privates life

rally troops

die in the mud

buried in my uniform


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