She labored silently

tiny grunts

pulled inward

with the efforts of this expulsion


she hid in the stillness of early dawn


tore mourning doves from the air

stuffed them into her mouth

wrent the sky with her cries

made not a sound

pushed from instinct

her body would do this without her

had declared the time was right

battered down the door

She clenched the outstretched hand of the father

felt his grip in return

firm, reassuring

she was alone

for at least the second time in so many months

hoping to be caught

straining to be heard in her silence

pushing toward release

she bit down on regret

pressed until her brown eyes burst

delivered unto the leaves and twigs a voice

mewing its tiny protests

these she would not silence

had brought nothing to wrap the child in

staggered to her feet

braced herself against the back of the garage


whispered his name

said nothing


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