Untitled 2


Bleach white flesh

shredded by black hats

white collars

Donner party jealousies

fight for scraps at the table

This is the story of belief


water into wine into blood

six degrees


church and state

reason and wonder

flesh from bone

rhinos, albinos,

grind them both

pestles press mortars

create dust where they land


rend sky

sound no barrier

no alarms

divorced from being

innocence guised as sin

holding up signs

We are not witches

proclamations emancipated from responsibility

tar and feathers provide no avenue for flight

better to run over water

scale model replica

king of jews and serpents

defined by a glance

looking down

conditional love

too tough to accept

pillars of salt

provide payment

rub deep into wounds

cleansed in a sea of the dead

evicted creators

beg change

turn tricks

honest work for dishonest pay


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