Pyritic Marrow

Dissolved muscle



the meat of him falls off the bone


A jack,

he traded boil for simmer for this

finds himself




he takes up all the air in the room

wastes it

cannot find grateful

has lost grace

purchased fool’s gold

broke his teeth proving its sincerity

every project imperfect


he calls it,



pretends to shake the dust off


He is afraid of avocados,

stacked neatly in piles

knows he will die


face down among them


He keeps his change in a jar

it makes him nervous

it will reach critical mass


It is exchanged for money before it gets out of control


Hasn’t skipped a stone in years

worries he cannot stop


Thirteen pages scream silently from bookcases

he cannot focus

a match surrounded by laser beams

he dissipates


knows he has bought these yard sale trilobytes

feels their antiquity as meaningless

has rubbed them smooth

rhythmically stroking his thumb

across the stamp of a banal,

prehistoric cockroach

nonetheless it has created this impression

has not been crushed into fuel,



he loves them


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